4 Fun Things to Do Near Lake Wallenpaupack

things to do near Lake WallenpaupackPlanning a trip to the Pocono Mountains soon? You may know what you want to do but not exactly sure about how to plan it. While that may seem confusing, to us at Ledges Hotel, we answer questions like this all the time. You know you want to hike but you aren’t sure where, want to spend the day exploring something off of the beaten path but not sure where that is, we have you covered. One area of the Pocono Mountains that many love to spend time at is Lake Wallenpaupack. It’s size gives you enough privacy that you won’t have to worry about bumping into others and it’s beauty is something to behold. Here are out top 4 things to do near Lake Wallenpaupack.

The first fun activity in our list of fun things to do near Lake Wallenpaupack is to hike or walk around it. Trust us when we tell you that the lake isn’t the only thing fun about this area. While there are many trails near Lake Wallenpaupack, before you head out on those, be sure to check out the only trail that actually goes along Lake Wallenpaupack. You start at the parking lot just south of the Route 6 & Route 507 interchange on 507. You will then walk the 1.5 miles along Lake Wallenpaupack and pass the PPL dike, Lake Wallenpaupack Visitor’s Center (a great resource when deciding on what fun things to do near Lake Wallenpaupack), Wilsonville Campgrounds, and then to the Wallenpaupack Creek Trail. At this point you can turn around and head back, completing 3 miles, or you can go on. 

One of the most popular activities on Lake Wallenpaupack is to be on the water. There are many different ways to spend a day on the lake. The first is to go boating. If you don’t have or didn’t bring your boat, there are many boat rentals available on Lake Wallenpaupack. One great company is Pine Crest Marina. They have a few different pontoon and runabout boats available for rent during the year as well as accessories to make your trip on the lake complete. What sets them apart from others is that if you did bring a boat, they have slip rentals available as well which makes being on Lake Wallenpaupack convenient.

Another water activity in our list of things to do near Lake Wallenpaupack is to go sailing. Usually you would think that finding a sailboat in the mountains could be a hard task. Not at Pocono Action Sports. They have so many different rental options that you could easily find a boat type to rent there. One rental that many don’t think about when they consider Pocono Action Sports is their sail boat rentals. You can either rent a 19’ or 25’ sail boat for a half day or full day. There is nothing like cruising on the lake using only the wind, and some sailing skills, to get everywhere you would like to go that day, even if it is nowhere.

Another fun activity at Pocono Action Sports, as well as the last in our list of fun things to do near Lake Wallenpaupack, is to go parasailing. We have all seen fun photos and videos of our friends and family going parasailing. The views that you get are incredible as well as it being a thrilling and somehow at the same time calming experience. Parasailing at Pocono Action Sports is $70 per person and is worth every dollar for a once in a lifetime experience.

We at Ledges Hotel hope that our quick list of fun things to do near Lake Wallenpaupack has been informative for you and has helped you start making a decision on what you would like to do while you are here on your next vacation. One other part of your vacation you should consider is staying with us at Ledges Hotel. Our picturesque views of our nearby gorge, as well as our perfect mix of history and modern luxury in our hotel, have made our guests not only enjoy themselves while they are here but want to come back each and every time they are in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. We have different accommodation types for every size group, as well as many different packages to tailor a perfect trip. Contact our fantastic staff today and let us help you create a wonderful trip filled with fun things to do near Lake Wallenpaupack.

Photo by: shansby