Cocoon Coffee House is a Great Place to Hang Out

Cocoon Coffee HouseThe weather is starting to cool down and with that all we want is warmth. Now warmth can always be found indoors but there is nothing like the warmth that comes from an amazing cup of coffee. It flows through your body igniting everything it touches. The simple act of drinking a cup of coffee can do so many things for your body. When you are having a slow start to your morning it can pick you up and get you going for the day. If you are the tired mom who finally has a moment to yourself after the kids are gone to school, a cup of coffee can help you relax and unwind and have some much needed me time. Here in Hawley’s Silk Mill, the locals and residents love coming to Cocoon Coffee House. Not only do they have fantastic drinks but fun community events as well. Here is what makes Cocoon Coffee House a great place to hang out.

The Cocoon Coffee House is located in Hawley’s Silk Mill which is a beautiful renovated building that was once, just as the name says, a silk mill. Now it is home to many local businesses and provides a spectacular backdrop to the breathtaking nature that is in Hawley.

When you come to visit Cocoon Coffee House, you will be amazed with our coffee selection. Cocoon Coffee House has partnered with Electric City Roasting Company, located in Scranton, which brings our visitors and residents the freshest coffee available. The Electric City Roasting Company gathers beans from all around the world and prepares them and roasts them, bringing out their delicious, natural flavor. Some of our favorite varieties are, Organic Helsar which is a full bodied coffee with honey clove, avocado, and lemon flavors and Decaf Colombian which is medium bodied and has a sharp and smoky flavor despite having low acidity. If you love handcrafted drinks then you are in luck at Cocoon Coffee House. Some of our go to drinks are, the European Macchiato (espresso with a dollop of milk foam), Cappuccino (espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam), and for those tough mornings, a Red Eye (House Blend coffee with a shot of espresso). However, if you are not into coffee, do not fret, Cocoon Coffee House also has tea, hot cocoa, and favored steamers available as well. When you have a warm beverage, you have to compliment it with something to eat. The Cocoon Coffee House changes their menu quite often so be sure to check out their site for the menu of the day. Also be sure to peruse their selection of sweets and pastries.

Even though most think coffee is restricted to the morning, at Cocoon Coffee House, they enjoy having coffee loving visitors all day and into the evening, complete with sandwiches, wine and beer. On the first Friday of the month they host a First Friday Open Mic Night. Sign up starts at 6:30pm and the performances start at 7pm and conclude at 9pm. This is a great way for the community to get together for a fun evening. Check out their site and Facebook page for other events as well.

When you come to Hawley, you will truly get the best of everything, especially when you stay with us Ledges Hotel. Located near the Hawley Silk Mill, our hotel also loves showcasing the natural beauty of Hawley with our decks that overlook the gorge. We have an amazing package for our coffee lovers, Java Jive. This package includes a night with us, breakfast for 2, two Ledges Hotel coffee mugs, and a $15 voucher at Cocoon Coffee House. Contact our amazing staff today to book this package on your next trip to see us.

Photo by: Cocoon Coffee House