Come Try Your Hand at Some Pennsylvania Fly Fishing

Pennsylvania fly fishingThere are many things that attract visitors and soon to be residents to the Pocono Mountains. We have beautiful scenery, exciting attractions, delicious restaurants, and much more. We at Ledges Hotel love receiving guests from all around and helping them find fun things to do. Many guests come here to spend some time in our gorgeous mountains and trails. One fun activity that we like to recommend to them is also trying out some of our Pennsylvania fly fishing spots. There are amazing Pennsylvania fly fishing areas all over the state. Let us at Ledges Hotel help you not only navigate these wonderful Pennsylvania fly fishing spots but also help you get prepared for your trip.

Before you head out to any of our Pennsylvania fly fishing areas, you have to make sure you are properly packed, dressed, and prepared for the day. In any season the Pennsylvania fly fishing streams and rivers can have cold water. It is the best practice to wear not only layers but smart layers. Find fabrics that will wick away moisture from your body while still keeping you warm. There is nothing worse than being hot and uncomfortable while trying to enjoy a day of Pennsylvania fly fishing. One accessory that you may not think about when dressing for Pennsylvania fly fishing in colder weather would be gloves. You still need your hands to bait the hook right? This is where some great wool fingerless gloves come in handy. They keep you hands warm and fingers free for maximum dexterity.

When going Pennsylvania fly fishing, there are some things to keep in mind. The first is that Pennsylvania fly fishing has catch and release rules if you plan on fishing off season. It is open all year round as well as all day. Another rule is that you can only use artificial flies and streamers. There are seasons to catch and keep fish in Pennsylvania waters so be sure and check out the seasons for the current year and see if they coincide with your travel plans.

In the Pocono Mountains, we have some of the best Pennsylvania fly fishing spots around. In our northeast region of the state, we have 6 amazing places to go Pennsylvania fly fishing. Here is a little bit more about our favorite Pennsylvania fly fishing spots.

The first is Dyberry Creek. This area is simply gorgeous and is a great spot to fish in in the early part of the year. When the weather warms the shade from the trees that line the bank make the area heavenly. There are two branches of Dyberry Creek that eventually join and flow to the Lackawaxen River.

Another amazing Pennsylvania fly fishing area is Brodhead Creek. There are some stocked trout as well as wild but be sure to pay attention to where you fish as some parts of this creek are private. Another thing to note is that there are lots of boulders which provide a great hiding place for trout as well as can be difficult to wade and navigate through.

Our next Pennsylvania fly fishing place offers both keep and catch and release areas, Hickory and Mud Run. This is a great place to find wild brown and brook trout and can be accessed from many places including Hickory Run State Park. Both of these streams have great pools with shade that trout love to flock to.

Our last, and certainly very popular Pennsylvania fly fishing area is the Lackawaxen River. This river is known for its wild browns and rainbow trout. Many fishermen love coming to Lackawaxen River to try their hand at nabbing one of the trouts that can be up to 16+ inches. This river flows for 30 miles so there are plenty of areas where you can go to be alone to fish.

We love having fishermen from all sorts of places come try their luck in our Pennsylvania fly fishing rivers and streams. Fishermen love coming to stay with us as well. We have many room sizes to accommodate any size group. After a long day of Pennsylvania fly fishing, come relax on our decks and overlook the beautiful gorge and regale other guests with stories of the fish you caught, as well as the ones that eluded you. Contact our amazing staff today to plan a trip to see us at Ledges Hotel and try out some of our fantastic Pennsylvania fly fishing spots.

Photo by: Richard Elzey