Delaware Highlands Conservancy Protects Our Natural Heritage

Delaware Highlands ConservancyFor most of us, we like spending some of our time outside. Enjoying the fresh air and pushing our bodies down a trail and getting ourselves to the next hill, up the next set of rocks, all for what is waiting for us, not only accomplishing our goal but usually an incredible view. For us in Hawley, PA, we have some of the most beautiful nature scenes around. However, there is one organization that helps us keep it alive and beautiful, Delaware Highlands Conservancy, and without them, we all would have trouble keeping our lands protected. Come see how the Delaware Highlands Conservancy keeps our lands beautiful and how we at Ledges Hotel do our part as well.

The Delaware Highlands Conservancy has many ways that it helps conserve our lands for not only today but the future. The first, and most important way that the Delaware Highlands Conservancy keeps our lands beautiful is with their conservation easement program. This is a binding agreement that is completely voluntary between Delaware Highlands Conservancy and the land owner. It protects the land from development and allows the owner to continue to use their land as they were and in any ways that are appropriate with conservation. It also allows the owner to build structures on the land for housing or any other needs. The agreement also applies to future land owners so the land will continually be protected.

The next way that the Delaware Highlands Conservancy protects our heritage is with their Shop Local Save Land program. This is a fantastic program that brings together consumers with local farms and forest products. When you shop local, you keep jobs in your town and when you buy from farms you can be sure not only what you are buying but how it was prepared and grown as well.

Another way to keep our lands protected for generations is with education. The Delaware Highlands Conservancy has many events and workshops throughout the year that are not only fun but educational as well. This is a perfect time for members in the community to learn more about Delaware Highlands Conservancy. Check out their site for a thorough list of what is going on.

Lastly, the way that we at Ledges Hotel, and each visitor, helps the Delaware Highlands Conservancy is our partnering with them in their Green Lodging Program. We at Ledges Hotel love this program because we have the same goal in mind, keeping our lands protected, clean, and fit for future use. When you stay with us at Ledges Hotel, $2.00 will be donated to the Delaware Highlands Conservancy to help them continue their important work.

When you stay with us at Ledges Hotel, it will be easy for you to see our dedication to Hawley and the beautiful nature surrounding it. Our rooms are impeccably decorated with eco-friendly and luxurious linens and our fixtures also reflect our love for conservancy. Inside the main rooms of the hotel, you will be amazed by the views of the gorge outside and the beautiful local artwork inside. Come book a trip with us today and not only enjoy nature while you are here but also conserve it for future generations.

Photo by: Ledges Hotel