Did You Know? 3 Things Made in Pennsylvania

made-in-PennsylvaniaWhen you think about your next trip, the first thing you think about is where to go. Once you have that sorted you begin to think about where to stay, where to eat, and things to do. We at Ledges Hotel are located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains and we love that not only is our area known for fun activities but also is home to fantastic products made in Pennsylvania. There are so many things that are made in Pennsylvania that we can’t help but mention just 3 that we are proud to show off. Let’s have a look and see some of the products that are made in Pennsylvania.

Products Made in Pennsylvania

Beer: There are so many breweries and beer made in Pennsylvania. It can really be a beer lovers dream. One national brand of beer that is made in Pennsylvania is Yuengling. Located in Pottsville, you can easily tour the brewery as well as have a tasting. What makes Yuengling so special is that it is the oldest brewery so it’s hard to pass up a chance at some local history. Another widely popular brand is Victory, located in Downingtown, PA If you are looking for a more localized craft brewery, we suggest looking at all of the craft beers made in Pennsylvania and create your own Brewery Trail. There are breweries all over the state and you can easily see which ones offer tastings and tours. When you use the Brew Trail page, you can create your own brewery trail. This would be a great way to spend a few days in Pennsylvania learning so much about the local beers made in Pennsylvania.

Crayola: Something found in almost every classroom and home of small children, crayons. Usually, those crayons are Crayola crayons. They have been behind every art project, fairy tale adventure, and toddler scribble for the past 130 years. In Easton, PA, check out one of the most famous products made in Pennsylvania. Check out the Crayola Experience, a place where you are free to color, learn, and explore. Tickets are $16.99 per person and there are 4 floors of fun for you and your family.

Zippo: Another company that has been around for a long time, 83 years to be exact, is the Zippo Company. Their lighters can be found in stores across the world and are known for their metal cases and consistent flames. One of the aspects about Zippo lighters that makes them different is a lot of them actually have a wick in them and you can’t simply just blow them out, you have to use the top to starve the flame of oxygen to extinguish the flame.

We hope you have enjoyed this little tour of some of the products that are made in Pennsylvania. As you can see, we are really proud of the wonderful companies that also make Pennsylvania their home. When you decide to come to the Pocono Mountains to visit any of these breweries or factories, we hope you will consider staying with us at Ledges Hotel. Our modern hotel is housed in the old glass factory and there is some wonderful history surrounding it. Our rooms are simple and modern and allow you to relax. While you are here with us, be sure to spend one evening enjoying a drink on our decks and a bite to eat at our in-house restaurant, Glass. Our chefs prepare amazing dishes that are perfect for sharing. Contact us today and book a room with us for a great trip to the Pocono Mountains.

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Photo by edwin