Don’t Miss the 106th Annual Greene Dreher Sterling Fair

Greene Dreher Sterling FairWhen you think of days gone by and the fun that was had, what could be more quintessential than a fair? At Ledges Hotel in the Pocono Mountains, we love a great fair and one that has been a staple in our community is the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair. The Greene Dreher Sterling Fair has been running for an impressive 98 years and while it may have evolved over the years, one thing remains the same, it is a time of great fun. Let’s look at what makes the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair such a wonderful time for locals and visitors alike.

This year’s Greene Dreher Sterling Fair will run from August 25th until September 3rd in Newfoundland, PA which is a quick 30-minute drive from us at Ledges Hotel. Tickets for the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair are a steal and there are different packages that you can choose from. If you plan on going just once, then we suggest that you just buy tickets that day. There are two different prices, one for weekends, and one for weekdays. Weekend tickets are $8 and gain you access to the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair and all of its exhibits and rides. However, if you can go during the week, tickets are $5. If you plan on going to the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair multiple times then we suggest getting a Mega Pass for $35. It will give you entrance to the fair for the whole week and includes rides and everything. If you want to go to the fair multiple times but  only for the exhibits, then the Season Pass for $25 is perfect for you. The only thing these prices don’t include is access to any special events.

There will be many things to see at the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair this year so we have picked out a few things that should be very interesting to see. Besides many of the exhibits, one section of the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair that you should look into are the contests. They have so many that it was hard to just choose a few, but these are the ones that look fun. The first is the Antique Tractor Pull. What a way to walk through the past than with watching tractors race! All of these tractors have to be at least made in 1959 or older which means that you will get to see some quality pieces of machinery. Another fun contest is their Demolition Derby. Watch cars race and get beat up in this thrilling event. Since we are located in the Pocono Mountains, many of the residents have farms and, therefore, can have scarecrows. Check out the Scarecrow Contest at the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair. The last event that you should check out is the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair Queen. This is much more than your average beauty pageant and the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair Queen is chosen to represent the youth in the community. This contest is to help foster a relationship between the community and its youth and to encourage the youth to play an active role in it. For winning the Greene Dreher Sterling Fair Queen contest, they will receive an amazing scholarship.

As you can see, we in the Pocono Mountains have a strong sense of community and our visitors can feel that and enjoy it when they take a trip here. When you do plan a trip to the Pocono Mountains, we hope you will stay with us at Ledges Hotel. Our gorgeous hotel is not only historic but eco-friendly as well. We have a partnership with the Delaware Highlands Green Lodging Program and we also have many eco fixtures in our rooms. When you do come to stay with us, be sure to plan to have at least one dinner in our in-house restaurant Glass. If the weather is nice, be sure to enjoy it on our decks. Contact us today and book a trip to see us in the Pocono Mountains.

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Photo by Robert Bejil