Soar to New Heights with Eagle Watching Tours

Eagle InstituteThe story of the bald eagle is one of a triumphant return from the brink of extinction. In the Northeast, numbers of the birds once dwindled so significantly that New York reported just a single pair of the nesting birds in 1975. Fortunately, due to the efforts of groups like the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, bald eagles have rebounded in our region. They now number in the hundreds. Continued proliferation means eagle lovers will enjoy watching these majestic birds for years to come. The Delaware Highlands Conservancy continues to educate the public on the important legacy and ecological needs of our national symbol.

When you visit the Poconos, take a short road trip and search out some of our local feathered friends. With the help of the Delaware Highlands Conservancy, you’ll have a wonderful time. When you’re looking for more intriguing, fun, or educational activities to pursue, turn to our Complimentary Vacation Guide. This comprehensive guide gives you access to some of the best ways to experience our area in a few clicks!  It is a compilation of the area’s best outdoor recreation, arts venues, restaurants, and events in one convenient document. Make planning your Poconos vacation easy when you download this free resource today!

Eagle Watching in the Poconos

Many visitors come to the Northeast hoping to catch a glimpse of an impressive eagle in flight. Are you planning to watch for eagles on your own? The Delaware Highlands Conservancy offers a few guidelines that will help you have a productive trip. When you start your tour at their field office, you can pose questions to experienced guides before you go. View their educational video before you venture out and find out where eagles have been spotted most recently. You can also pick up free maps and other resources. You can also view and download their map before your trip.

Eagle Tours with Delaware Highlands Conservancy

Eagle tours are a great way to get started. These guided tours will take you to the best sites for eagle watching in the area, and divulge important information about the way the birds live. Check the Delaware Highland Conservancy’s events calendar for dates, times, tour descriptions, and other relevant information.

Eagle Watching 101

Whether you choose to take a guided tour or to venture out on your own, make sure you’re aware of the best practices for eagle watching. These guidelines help make the experience safe and less intrusive for the eagles, who can sometimes be stressed by the presence of human beings.

Here are a few of the main pointers from the Delaware Highlands Conservancy’s Eagle Etiquette list:

  • Remain in or near your vehicle at roadside viewing locations.
  • Move quickly and quietly to observation blinds, where you can remain hidden from view while watching the eagles.
  • Avoid loud noises, such as yelling, car door slamming, horn honking and unnecessary movement.

For the full list of rules and recommendations, see the Conservancy’s full description of Eagle Etiquette.

Enjoy an Eagle Watching Trip to Ledges Hotel

Watching eagles soar through the air with the help of the Delaware Highlands Conservancy makes for an inspiring day in nature. Continue to enjoy the beauty of the region when you come back to Ledges Hotel for the rest of your stay. Our historic hotel is nestled beside gorgeous waterfalls and features green art and design. Unique events such as Wild Week – a celebration of exotic cuisine allows visitors to experience the best of the Poconos. First-class amenities and stunning accommodations allow you to enjoy the best in Pennsylvania hospitality. Contact us today to secure a room for your eagle watching trip! We look forward to helping you plan your next incredible getaway!

Photo Credit: Getty Images | Dean_Fikar