Explore the Antique Shops in Hawley PA

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For a lot of us, when we go on vacation, there are certain things we like to do in any town. For some of us, it’s to go on a walk to discover the nature surrounding the town. For others, it’s delve into their amazing local restaurants to get to know the area through their taste buds. Lastly, you could enjoy all of the local shops. We at Ledges Hotel in the Pocono Mountains have encountered guests who enjoy doing all of these things. One sect of shopping we like to point out is our antique shops in Hawley PA. You will see that not only are these shops a lot of fun to peruse, but you will not be able to find anything like them.

The first of our antique shops in Hawley PA that we would like to highlight is Miss Elly’s Antiques and Such. This shop is located on Church Street near Lake Wallenpaupack. One of the aspects about Miss Elly’s that you will love is the building. This antique shop is housed in a clapboard style Victorian and once you step inside, it will be hard to take your eyes off of all of the fun items it has. You can find many types of items for sale at Miss Elly’s like vintage clothing and textiles, small items, and furniture, lighting, and other bigger items. While you walk through this Hawley antique shop, you will feel less like you are in a store and more like you are in an interesting home where you just want to look at everything. Be sure to have a stop at Miss Elly’s as you tour all of the antique shops in Hawley PA.

Next up for our favorite antique shops in Hawley PA is the Hawley Antiques Exchange. This antique shop in Hawley is located at Lake Wallenpaupack and is more like a lot of antique stores that are common these days. They have over 30 dealers in their co-op and they all have a fantastic variety of items to choose from. Some types of items that you will see at the Hawley Antiques Exchange are art, porcelain, glass, furniture, collectibles, vintage fashion, books, toys, and much more. You could spend a lot of time at the Hawley Antiques Exchange with it’s impressive 8000 sqft of space that they are continually trying to fill. When you can, have a look at their website and have a peek at their dealers that they have now to get a good idea of what to expect.

As you can see, there are many antique shops in Hawley PA to enjoy. Going antiquing is a great way to relax during a vacation. When you do come to the Pocono Mountains, we hope that you will consider staying with us at Ledges Hotel. Our hotel is historic and housed in the old glass factory that was a booming success in its time. You will be able to see remnants of the past throughout our now modern styled hotel. Each of our rooms is decorated in a simple modern style to ensure our guests will be relaxed and comfortable. Contact us today and let us help you plan a fun trip to the Pocono Mountains!

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