Harmony Presents: Must-See Summer Concerts

Now that the night time temps have caught up to the day time, we all love venturing outdoors long after the sun has gone down. Get togethers with friends that last into the wee hours of the morning as well as frequenting local late night spots can make for a memorable summer. Hawley’s own Harmony Presents has a spectacular musical line up to help you make the most of your summer. 

Located on the ground floor of the Hawley Silk Mill, Harmony Presents features artists in the Americana, Funk and Rock genres as well as comedy, classic and theater shows.

On July 19th, Harmony Presents will host Montana Skies twice that night. The early show starts at 7 pm and the late show is at 9:30 pm. This duo is not to be missed. They combine jazz, rock n’ roll, and classical techniques to make a spectacularly eclectic sound that has left Carnegie Hall attendants on their feet asking for an encore. Advance tickets are $17 and regular tickets are $22.

The next week, Miles to Dayton will grace Harmony Presents. They have been featured in Oprah Magazine as the emerging artists of the year and we all know that Oprah is rarely wrong about anything. This group merges folk, rock, classical and funk into a catchy rhythm that will leave you dancing all night. Tickets start at $16 for advance and $20 night of. Miles to Dayton will have 2 shows to choose from, one at 7 pm and the other at 9:30 pm.

On August 2nd, Secret Someones with Lelia Broussard will rock Harmony Presents and this group will have 2 shows that night, one starting at 7 pm and the other at 9:30 pm. Secret Someone’s sound is a mix of pop and rock and their muses are bands such like the Beatles, Weezer and Tom Petty. Advance tickets are on sale for $16 and day of are $20.

Harmony Presents will showcase Hawthorne on August 9th. Doors open at 7:15 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm. This folk trio focuses on exhilarating vocals, and a mix of folk, gypsy jazz and americana sounds. Make sure you check out some of the best young musicians of New York City. Tickets range from $16-$20.

On August 16th, Harmony Presents will have the privilege of housing the 2013 FreshGrass Award winner, Cricket Tell the Weather. This is an indie string band that has avery heavy bluegrass influence along with rock, pop and chamber music. The doors open at 7:15 pm and the show starts at 7:30 pm. Tickets range from $16-$20.

Also located in the Hawley Silk Mill is the Ledges Hotel. This upscale hotel is a perfect place to crash after these amazing shows. Ledges also offers some amazing deals to guests of the hotel and the show. Overnight guests are allowed to get advance ticket prices at the door which also gets you another awesome deal of getting 20% off any after shows at Ledges as well. Besides these deals, Ledges shows an attention to detail in decor and service that is unlike any other in the area. Featuring on site eco-initiatives makes your stay at Ledges not only a comfortable one but an Earth friendly one as well. Contact their staff today to book a fun night at Ledges and Harmony Presents.