Do You Know the History of the Hawley Silk Mill?

Area ActivitiesAs we all know, there are little historical gems stashed all around the country. Some of them we know a lot about and some not quite as much. Even right here in the Pocono Mountains, we have some amazing historical places for you to discover while you are here. We at Ledges Hotel love helping our guests learn all about our area as well as the great activities that you can do while you are here. There is one place that you can visit that can not only cross a historical visit off of your list but also a shopping one, the Hawley Silk Mill. Let’s take a minute and go through the history of the Hawley Silk Mill and what you can find there today.

The Beginning of the Hawley Silk Mill

The history of the Hawley Silk Mill begins in 1880. The original building was built by Dexter Lambert & Co. and it cost them a mere $130,000 to complete it and it was named the Bellemonte Silk Mill. Like many other factories of its time, it was built with an open floor plan so it could fit not only all of the equipment but also all of the workers. The shape of the original building was a Greek cross and the dimensions were 354 feet by 44 feet. A year later in 1881, they begin operating with 500 young women working. Also during this time and into 1882, a boarding house for the workers was being built as well. Not only did it include dorms but also a recreation hall that overlooked the falls.

A Fire and a Sale at the Hawley Silk Mill

In 1894, a fire went through the Hawley Silk Mill and while devastating for a time, it was not the end of the factory. Fortunately, the silk that was being produced at the time was in a nearby building and unharmed but they did lose about $80,000 in the fire and about 300 people lost their jobs. However, they would not let a fire destroy them. The building was rebuilt in its exact spot. In 1914, the Bellemonte Silk Mill was liquidated and sold to J.C. Welwood Company where it was run as a textile factory until 1986 and purchased by different companies over the years.

Today at the Hawley Silk Mill

One of the first companies to take up residence in the Hawley Silk Mill was Cocoon Coffee House. They are still one of the most popular places to have a great cup of local coffee here in Hawley. Since the renovation of the Hawley Silk Mill, there are many different businesses that have decided to make it their home. They also have a furniture store, art gallery, fitness center, and more. When you are thinking about visiting the Hawley Silk Mill, be sure to check out the events they have going on at that time. 

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Photo by Jumping Rocks Photography