Head to Lake Region Fitness instead of Hibernating this Winter

Lake Region FitnessFitness is something that is constantly on our mind. Fitting it into our busy schedules, finding a way to push ourselves, or maybe starting over again are all different scenarios that play in our heads all the time. For those of us who live in or visit Hawley, PA, our exercise needs are taken care of with Lake Region Fitness. In any season we need to keep our bodies healthy, especially in winter where there are other seasonal illnesses that can creep in. Located in Hawley Silk Mill, let’s take a quick look at what makes Lake Region Fitness an all-inclusive gym experience.

To begin, let’s look at their facility. They offer every type of free weight and machine that you could ever want to give you the results you are looking for. Lake Region Fitness also offers something that makes them unique, the Life Fitness Journey. This concept is a well thought out plan for any person of any age and fitness level. Lake Region Fitness has grouped their equipment together starting with beginners who can use their less intimidating machines like the treadmill and bicycles to start off with. As they advance, the challenge increases with different machines as well as resistance. Lake Region Fitness developed this to motivate its customers to make fitness goals as well as have fun.

Along with their machines, Lake Region Fitness has a host of programs that will get everyone moving. Some of the highlights of their programs are, yoga, boot camp, and Zumba. When it comes to yoga, Lake Region Fitness has it all. Hot yoga is one program that guarantees a good sweat. This class sets the room temperature to a balmy 98 degrees and goes through a set of 28 poses and 1 breathing exercise incorporated from Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Bootcamp is a fun and challenging way to get the best results for lean muscles and a toned core. Each session is a creative and different way to exercise muscles you may have forgotten you had. Zumba is an exercise program that has been sweeping the nation and kicking everyone into gear. Using fun music and creative dance moves, Zumba will have you finding your rhythm back and singing along to the high energy songs.

Lake Region Fitness also houses some of the best local personal trainers around. Booking some one on one time with a personal trainer is a way to get quick results. They can help you keep your posture and make sure you do each exercise with the correct form to maximize your results. Each time you visit with them, they will help keep you on track and tailor an exercise program for your specific challenges and goals. Sessions start at $50 an hour and can be bought in single, 10, 25, or 50 session increments.

Whether you are a local or a visitor to Lake Region Fitness, part of reaching a goal is to enjoy it before setting a new one. One place to unwind and indulge yourself is the Ledges Hotel. The service and attention to detail is something to behold whether it is one night or a long weekend. Enjoy a luxurious shower in their energy and water efficient rain shower and dry off in their Green Earth bamboo towels. After you are clean, take some time on their multi-tier decks that over look the the river gorge falls. Grab a bite at their in house restaurant, Glass, and enjoy reaching your goal. Contact their reservation desk today and book a room and secure their amazing daily rate discount of only $8 a day at Lake Region Fitness.

Photo by: Lake Region Fitness