Head to the Hawley Harvest Hoedown

When you travel to a new town for a trip, some of us look into the town calendar and see if there are going to be any festivals going on at that time. This is so we can have a full and clear picture of the town for that time and see if we want to participate. Each year here in Hawley we have a fun town-wide celebration for fall called the Hawley Harvest Hoedown. We at Ledges Hotel love the Hawley Harvest Hoedown and enjoy participating in it in any way possible. There is something about when a town joins in a celebration that can make everything feel just wonderful and cozy. This year’s Hawley Harvest Hoedown is going to be fantastic, let’s have a look into what it will entail this year.

This year’s Hawley Harvest Hoedown will be happening October 2nd and 3rd this year and events will be held all over town. As of now, they haven’t released any details for events for Friday. Be sure to head back to their site to see what they have added closer to the Hawley Harvest Hoedown.

Let’s move on to what a fun day Saturday at the Hawley Harvest Hoedown will be. The day starts at 10 am with your choice of craft vendors, antique vendors, food vendors on Main, Church, and Keystone Streets. At this time, other events will open up as well like their Farmer’s Market, Petting Zoo as well as an amazing Pumpkin Carving Demonstration. This is a great time to see someone who knows their way around a pumpkin and see if there are any skills you can learn to make your pumpkin stand out this year. Starting at 11 there will be a really fun horse drawn hay wagon on Church Street.

The next round of events starts at 12 with live music under the Ritz marquee. Be sure to have a look at their site closer to the event to see who will be playing. Hang around the Ritz marquee until 2 to see who will be this years winner for the Hawley Harvest Hoedown Scarecrow Contest. Most of the rest of the day activities mentioned for the Hawley Harvest Hoedown end between 4 and 6.

Ending the Hawley Harvest Hoedown is a great concert hosted by Harmony Presents. This is the 2nd year for the Hawley Harvest Hoedown Bluegrass & Folk Concert. Doors open at 7:30 pm and the concert starts at 8 pm and will be held at the Ritz Theater. Tickets start at $16 and then $20 and then up to $25. There will be three different bands playing at the Hawley Harvest Hoedown Bluegrass & Folk Concert. They are The Coal Town Runners, Roosevelt Dime, and Caribou Mountain Collective. This concert is sure to be a wonderful time!

As you can see, we love having fun in the Pocono Mountains. It’s fun festivals like the Hawley Harvest Hoedown that bring the whole town together and whether you are a local or a visitor you will feel like a native. When you do decide to come to the Pocono Mountains, whether you come for the Hawley Harvest Hoedown or another reason, we hope you will consider staying with us at Ledges Hotel. Our modern and beautiful hotel is housed in Hawley’s old glass factory and you can still see remnants of the factory throughout Ledges. We strive to have a close attention to detail and to give back as much as we can. You will see local artists works in our common areas and in our rooms you will see many green fixtures and procedures in place. Want to have a full-service experience here at Ledges? Check out our available packages and specials! Contact us today and come join us for this year’s Hawley Harvest Hoedown!

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Photo by Downtown Hawley Partnership