What to Hear from the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic

Northeastern Pennsylvania PhilharmonicThe Pocono Mountains are filled with amazing activities that everyone can enjoy. When most first think of our area they think of many outdoor activities, which would be correct. We have a ton of things to do for outdoor enthusiasts. However, some visitors may not like spending all of their time outside. Of course, there is a simple fix for this. You can go shopping, tour museums, and many more. There is one activity that many visitors don’t think about when coming to the Pocono Mountains, going to see a show at the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic. We have one of the best orchestras in the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic. We at Ledges Hotel love going to a show. Let’s see what their current line up is looking like.

First and foremost the goal of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic is to, “present live symphonic performances and music education at the highest level of artistic excellence, enriching and engaging the people of our region.” This means that the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic will do their very best to not only employ musicians of the very best but also choose music that will move you to think about their performances for days to come.

There are several types of concerts to choose from when deciding on seeing a Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic show. At the foundation is the Masterworks series. This is their most traditional series and is the base for their annual programming. Some of the Masterworks shows that you can experience this year are, Bach, Mozart, and Barber. This will be held on March 6th at Wyoming Seminary and will feature many works from all of these amazing musicians. Another concert is Anne Akiko Meyers Returns which will be on May 8th at Lackawanna College. Ms. Meyers is an accomplished violinist and will dazzle all of your senses with her music.

Next in our tour of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic series is PNC Pops Concerts. These concerts are more laid back and fun compared to the more formal side of symphonic music. This year, on April 10th and 11th, The Texas Tenors Return. Featured on America’s Got Talent, The Texas Tenors have taken the world by storm and we are so excited to have them come back to the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic.

Chamber concerts are up next. These amazing performances are so special because they are held in smaller spaces which allows the visitor to get to know the performers on a different level. A variety of kinds of chamber concerts are put on by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic. This year on March 4th, there will be a String Trio featuring Jeremy Lamb, cello performing. This amazing trio will perform Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” which will be a treat.

Lastly, one way that the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic is doing its part to further musical education is by reaching out to parents and encouraging them to bring their children. They believe that music plays at important role in a child’s life and the more music that they are surrounded by in their life, the more well-rounded they will be. Be sure to check out their Family page to get all of their recommendations on which performances to bring you children to .

It is terrific places like the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic that are a big draw to our area here in the Pocono Mountains. It is a perfect place to come not only just adults but for families as well. Another wonderful place to bring your family, or just yourselves, is our fantastic Ledges Hotel. We have plenty of accommodation types to choose from to fit any size group. A great way to start your night with the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic is to come have dinner and drinks with us at our in-house restaurant Glass, where food is meant to be enjoyed and shared. Tickets to these events sell out quickly so be sure to contact our wonderful staff today and let us help you book an enjoyable weekend here in the Pocono Mountains.

Photo by: screaming_monkey