Kittatinny White Water Rafting is a Grand Adventure

Kittatinny white water raftingThinking about coming to the Pocono Mountains and not sure what to do while you are here? One of the most thrilling things to do when the weather is warm is to head out into the open air and explore nature. Around here at Ledges Hotel in Hawley PA there are many ways you can do this. You can hike and bike but one of the best ways is to go white water rafting. The water flows so naturally here that it is such an enjoyable trip. Not sure where to start? Check out Kittatinny white water rafting! Here is what you can expect while enjoying a Kittatinny white water rafting trip.

When you choose a Kittatinny white water rafting trip, you will be in for a real treat. The clear waters of the Delaware River are a sight in any season but are perfect when the temperature rises and you need to cool off. While a lot of white water rafting trips are perfect for adults, not many are great for kids. One great thing about Kittatinny white water rafting is that it is perfect for the whole family. The gentle currents give you a nice relaxing ride. There are even some tide pools which offer a nice place to stop and have something to eat, a fun swim, or just get some sun for a while.

When it comes to price for a Kittatinny white water rafting, it’s a steal! Also, the more people that come with you, the cheaper the price. However, do note that groups and couples who reserve their Kittatinny white water rafting trip and pay a deposit will get a discount over the regular price as well. If you plan on coming for 2 days, be sure to take advantage of their 2 day specials.

Another thing that you might wonder about when it comes to Kittatinny white water rafting is where exactly you will go. There are many choices of trips since there are so many drop off and pick up points along the river. Their daily trips are, Ten Mile River to Barryville, which is an 8 mile trip that usually lasts about 4.5 hours. There is also a trip from Barryville to Pond Eddy, which is 7 miles and is about  4 hours. Next is Pond Eddy to Matamoras which is 10 miles and lasts about 5 hours. Lastly is Staircase to Matamoras which is 6 miles and the shortest of trips at 3 hours. Be sure to check out the meeting location of your Kittatinny white water rafting trip since there are several. There is one other special occasion trip, the Lackawaxen to Barryville trip, which is 11 miles and 5 hours. This is only on specials days since there are only certain days that the water is released and creates Class 2 & 3 rapids which can be a lot of fun to experience.

Coming to Ledges Hotel in the Pocono Mountains is always an experience. Even at the hotel itself with its gorgeous views of the gorge and modern style decor inside the hotel. After spending the day on a Kittatinny white water rafting trip, indulge yourself with an in room spa treatment with one of our amazing massage therapists. End your day on a high note with dinner at our restaurant, Glass. Each dish is skillfully prepared and meant to be shared and enjoyed together. After dinner, and a drink on our decks, sleep peacefully in our comfortable beds equipped with luxurious Comphy linens. Ready to plan a Kittatinny white water rafting trip? Contact our fantastic staff today and let us help you plan a memorable vacation.

Photo by: Leonardo Dasilva