Why You Need to See the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic has been a beacon of culture and arts education since 1970. This regional orchestra produces outstanding, high-quality shows. Patrons love both its artistry and its commitment to the community. It features something for everyone, presenting concerts with a range of musical styles. Their productions are a true artistic treat. If you have an opportunity to see them, don’t miss it!

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See the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic and Support Music Education

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic is in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It produces live orchestral music that soothes the soul and invigorates the senses. The musicians are masters of their craft and prove their skills via concerts held throughout the year. The Masterworks Series is the keystone of their programming. It focuses on the classics, performed in grand style.

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic enriches its community in many ways. Aside from creating beautiful orchestral performances, it also provides music education to children. The group introduces young people to new music and culture. They produce family programs, age-appropriate shows, and experiential learning opportunities. The musicians cultivate a sense of value for the arts by creating engaging learning opportunities. The Music Mentoring Program, Young People’s Concert, Music in Our Schools Program, and bi-annual Piano Competition are examples of their efforts. The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic ensures that youth develop a passion for the arts.

Enjoy the Sounds of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic in the Poconos

If you have a love of music, but don’t have the time for a trip to Scranton, you can still enjoy the orchestra’s work. The Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic hosts an annual concert in the Poconos. It is our honor to host it right here at Ledges Hotel. Listen to a beautiful performance in our exquisite setting and avoid the long drive.

This year’s Philharmonic concert will take place on September 24, 2017. It’s just in time to enjoy the beginnings of our beautiful autumn. Join us on our Serenity Deck for an amazing concert that will infuse your life with a harmonic blend of culture, nature, and music. Follow us on Facebook for announcements regarding ticket sales leading up to the event.

Relax in Style at Gorgeous Ledges Hotel

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