What Is the Pocono Environmental Education Center?

Pocono Environmental Education CenterIf you are searching for an attraction that is educational, fun, and showcases the best of the Delaware Highlands, pay a visit to the Pocono Environmental Education Center. This organization, commonly referred to as PEEC, is dedicated to advancing environmental education, sustainable living, and appreciation for nature through hands-on learning. From the 12 miles of hiking trails to the education programs available to the public, this is more than your average national park. It’s a celebration of the Delaware Highlands and all the natural features that our region provides. You’re not going to want to miss visiting PEEC!

After you’re done walking the Pocono Environmental Education Center hiking trails, grab a bite to eat! Download our free Vacation Guide to find out our favorite restaurants in the area. There are also recommendations for great shopping, museums, and golfing. Planning your trip to the Delaware Highlands region has never been easier!

Find out About the Pocono Environmental Education Center

Attend a PEEC Event

While PEEC offers a wide range of educational programs, summer camps, team building excursions, and retreats, most out-of-town visitors prefer the weekend public events. These events range from educational hikes to kayaking trips to concerts, all focused around environmental educations. There’s truly something for everyone!

Children (and parents) love the Ecozone Discovery Room. It offers visitors the opportunity to explore and learn about the wide range of natural features in the Delaware Highlands. Ecozone features an interactive model of a fossil pit, bat cave, and beaver dam, as well as displays focusing on ways to improve the environment. This room is primarily used in private programs, but it is open to the public a couple times a month. Check the calendar before you visit to make sure you don’t miss this!

Explore the Hiking Trails

There are six hiking trails available at the Pocono Environmental Education Center that vary in distance and difficulty. You can get the most up-to-date PEEC map at the Main Building. For convenience, all the paths are loops that begin and end at the PEEC Campus.

If you’re a looking for an easy, leisurely stroll, take the Purple Blazed trail. This hike typically only takes 20 minutes and is ADA accessible. For a unique experience, try the Sensory Awareness Trail. Simply grab your blindfold from the front office and head out. This path is intended to increase your awareness, with rope guides that lead the blindfolded user around a short loop trail. The longest trail is the Ridgeline Trail, which lasts around three hours. It begins at the forest edge and leads visitors through oak and hickory forests, shady hemlock ravines, and vernal wetlands. This is the most difficult trail, so take care during your walk!

Stay at a Green Hotel

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