What is the Best Way to Start Your Day? A Cup of Fresh Roasted Coffee!

roasted coffeeFor some of us, the ability to get up and go is a gift. It’s one that many others do not have. For some, it takes some time for us to be fully functioning adults. We all have our routines to help us get up in the morning. It can be something like reading the top headlines on our favorite news site, reading the paper, mindlessly listening to the news on TV or even catching up on what friends have been doing on Facebook. While any of these seem completely normal, there is one thing that is missing from each of these, a great cup of fresh roasted coffee. When you are here in the Pocono Mountains, you will get a chance to have some of the best coffee in the world and we at Ledges Hotel would like to share with you how you can get it.

Local and Fresh Roasted Coffee from Electric City Roasting

Whether you like a big chain or only local coffee, you will love the coffee that comes from Electric City Roasting. For them, it all starts with the bean. While our area isn’t conducive to growing coffee beans, Electric City works directly with farmers to ensure that not only the product they are getting is the best but also that the farmer benefits too. They strive to practice social responsibility when choosing the beans and the farms they came from. This means when you drink a cup of their coffee you will know exactly where the beans came from. Next comes the roasting part. This has to be done very carefully to make sure you get the best from each bean. The staff at Electric City know just how to do this and love teaching it to any coffee enthusiast!

Throughout the year, they come up with different varieties based on the season. They have a wonderful shop online where you can see each kind of blend and bean they have.

Drinking Roasted Coffee Here in Hawley

You might be wondering where you can find this amazing roasted coffee and the best place to go would be Cocoon Coffee House in the nearby Hawley Silk Mill. This popular spot has people trickling in all day to get a cup of coffee or tea and a bite to eat. They offer Electric City coffee to all of their guests and drinks can be made in a variety of ways like cappuccino, espresso, iced coffee, lattes, or just a plain cup of coffee. While you are there, be sure to have a look at their daily menu. They utilize our local farms to bring you the best of what they have to offer. You can find items like muffins, quiche, or if you want something a bit more substantial they do have lunch-type items. Examples would be hearty soups, sandwiches, and salads. After you are done having a pick-me-up, walk around the shops of the Hawley Silk Mill.

Roasted Coffee at Ledges Hotel

We at Ledges Hotel love supporting our local businesses like Cocoon Coffee House and Electric City and have partnered with them. One of our specials here at Ledges Hotel is Java Jive. When you purchase this package, it will include an overnight stay, Continental breakfast for two, two “Ledges Hotel” Coffee Mugs crafted by Deneen Pottery, and one $15.00 voucher for Cocoon Coffee House. The price for this package varies based on room choice.

When you think about coming to our area, consider staying with us at Ledges Hotel. Our modern hotel is housed in an old glass factory that gives our space charm and a lot of history. We have many room types for travelers from economy sized rooms to two-bedroom suites. While you may have your breakfast needs taken care of, be sure to save room for dinner with us at our in-house restaurant, Glass. Contact us today and start planning a fun trip to the Pocono Mountains!

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