There are Several Things to do In Milford PA This Spring

things to do in Milford PAWhile winter is still going strong here in Hawley PA we are looking forward to the coming of spring. There is nothing like the Pocono Mountains in the spring. Our flowers come out to bloom and the trees start budding flowers and leaves. When we at Ledges Hotel have visitors in the spring, the one activity that we all recommend to them is to get outside. We have all been cooped up all winter and now it’s time to go outside. There are many outdoor activities to do around us but one of our favorite things to do is to go to Milford PA. There are so many things to do in Milford PA in any time of year but spring is an amazing time of year for them as well. Never been to Milford PA and wondering what are some things to do in Milford PA? Here are some of our recommendations.

The first recommendation of things to do in Milford PA is to head over to the Delaware Water Gap. This area is just breath taking and there are so many things to do while you are there. The best thing to do is to hit one of their many trails. One of the biggest trails, and local favorite when it comes to things to do in Milford PA, is McDade Trail. This 30 mile, one-way, trail has so many activities on it. You will see waterfalls, old homes, cliffs and much more. This is also a great place to take the family on a hike or bike ride and there are many sections of the trail that are flat and perfect for this. One section that is very popular is a history trail. This is where you will see old homes, barns, and old roads. When planning on what to do here, be sure to check and see what amenities are available for your stretch of trail so you can be prepared.

Our next recommendation of things to do in Milford PA is to head to Dingmans Falls. This can be easily accessed by bike from Milford. When you get there, be sure to head over and get a brochure about the area and check out any exhibits about the area that may be available. You will be able to take the boardwalk trail that will take you Dingmans Falls. Be sure to stop on the trail and check out the ravine that you are crossing over. Because of the boardwalk, it makes this area perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Once you get to the falls, admire the 130’ drop and just stay and explore the area a bit.

Once you are done hiking and exploring, our next recommendation of things to do in Milford PA is to enjoy the different shops that are available. There are many different types of shops in Milford so there is just about something for anyone. They have antique stores, clothing stores, art galleries, book stores, and more. This is a great way to take something home to remind you of the wonderful time you had in Milford.

The last suggestion for things to do in Milford PA is to enjoy one of its amazing restaurants. They have an eclectic variety of eateries offering something for every meal of the day. One of our favorite places to go, especially for lunch, is Pâtisserie Fauchére. They have an fantastic lunch menu that features sandwiches, soups, and salads. They also feature home made breads and pastries that are a delight any time of day.

When choosing to spend some time in Milford PA, be sure to choose to stay with us at Ledges Hotel in nearby Hawley. Our gorgeous views of the gorge are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike on our decks. If the weather is nice, be sure to enjoy a cocktail and dinner at our in house restaurant, Glass. We feature delicious meals in tiny bites that are to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. If you have any questions about other things to do in Milford PA or about staying with us at Ledges, please contact our wonderful staff today.

Photo by: Nicholas A. Tonelli