Get Excited for the Best Specialty Cakes in the Poconos in PA

specialty cakes in Poconos in PAWhat’s a special event without a celebratory cake? Next time you’re planning a celebration, place an order for the best specialty cakes in Poconos in PA! Cocoon Coffee House and Bakery is ready to bring your vision to reality. Learn everything you need to know about these one-of-a-kind creations!

Now that you’ve taken care of ordering specialty cakes in Poconos in PA, it’s time to enjoy your stay with Ledges Hotel! Download our free Vacation Guide to get local recommendations from a trusted source. From the best shops in town to the best places to go hiking in the region, we’ve got everything you need to plan your perfect vacation.

Where to Order Specialty Cakes in Poconos in PA

The story of Cocoon Coffee House and Bakery begins with our sister property, The Settlers Inn. Guests couldn’t stop raving about the incredible baked goods served there, from the birdseed bread to the pastries. Word began to spread of these delicious treats, and the service was expanded to Ledges Hotel (located near the Hawley Silk Mill), Silver Birches Resort, and the Dock on Wallenpaupack. Even that expansion wasn’t enough, and it soon became apparent that a physical store was in high demand, thus Cocoon Coffee House and Bakery was born.

Visit Cocoon Coffee House and Bakery

Today, you’ll find plenty of heavenly goodies at Cocoon Coffee House and Bakery, like freshly baked bread and cakes. Don’t be surprised if you find that you return to Ledges Hotel with more than you expected. With such a delicious display of items, it can be impossible to resist the allure of a sticky bun or frosted cookie!

Take a Class

If you want to learn how to create some killer cupcakes or the basics of cake decorating, you’re in luck! Cooking Classes are regularly held in The Boiler Room of The Hawley Silk Mill. These courses won’t just cover baking. You can also learn about savory cooking. Some of the classes are holiday-based. Other classes cover the basics of baking, like making cookies or decorating tiered cakes. You’ll even find niche classes, like how to properly prepare game meats. These courses are fantastic for any foodie.

Place Your Order Today

Now that you’ve discovered the best place to order specialty cakes in Poconos in PA, find out the top accommodations in the area. Ledges Hotel is a modern boutique hotel that’s just a four-minute walk from Hawley Silk Mill. When you sign up for a cooking class, be sure to book your room with Leges Hotel!

With comfortable furnishings, stylish decor, and a stunning view of the Paupack High Falls, Ledges Hotel is the perfect place to stay for the modern traveler. We offer a selection of wedding packages, ideal for couples planning an intimate event.

Check our availability and book your stay at Ledges Hotel today! We look forward to having you.