Don’t Miss The Delaware Water Gap Celebration of the Arts

the Delaware Water GapHere in the Pocono Mountains we love celebrating our area. We have many festivals all year round and one that we at Ledges Hotel look forward to each year is the Delaware Water Gap Celebration of the Arts (COTA). This wonderful festival brings musicians and artists together to simply honor jazz. Jazz has been a major musical genre since the beginning of music. It has been played and loved by people stretching all over the world and is relatable to many, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. This is why COTA at the Delaware Water Gap uses education and performances to foster a sense of appreciation that can be felt throughout the Pocono Mountains. Come see why so many people enjoy coming to COTA at the Delaware Water Gap  every year.

This year’s COTA at the Delaware Water Gap will be held on September 11th-13th and will be in various locations. There are many ways to tailor your ticket choices for what you would like to see at the Delaware Water Gap Arts Festival. On Friday, there will be an event at the Dutot Museum and admission is free. If you plan on going to the event at the Church of the Mountain, then admission is $10. For Saturday and Sunday, there are general admission tickets to the events at COTA. Sales start at 10 am on Saturday and the prices are, Adult prices are $28 a day, Seniors over 65 ticket prices are $15 a day, Student prices are $15 a day, Children aged 5 to 12 are $10 a day and little ones under 5 are free. You can purchase 2-day tickets as well, in advance or on Saturday for $40 a piece. Also, be on the lookout for opportunities to buy CDs of past performances.

There are a few staple events at COTA at the Delaware Water Gap that you should consider attending. The first is the Jazz Mass. In the past, this event has happened on a Sunday around 10 am. This free event is put on by many artists at COTA. There is a structure to this concert similar to a church service and is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning. After the service, be sure to pick up a CD of the songs that you heard that morning.

The other event at COTA that you should consider attending is the Art Show. Local and regional artists from the Delaware Water Gap region all submit their musically themed art to not only show but also to win. There is a panel of 3 judges who pick the best piece that are changed each year. There will be a wonderful variety of mediums represented including paintings, sculptures, and more. All of the art that is featured there will be for sale so make sure to bring your wallet with you. A piece of art from COTA would make a fantastic addition to your home.

While thinking about going to COTA at the Delaware Water Gap, you should also consider staying with us at Ledges Hotel. Our historic hotel is set in an old glass factory and you will be able to see the history throughout the main areas. We at Ledges Hotel are committed to promoting local arts. On the walls of our hotel, you will be able to see local art that shows the beauty of the Pocono area. In your room, you will be enveloped in modern luxury with our Comphy sheets and be able to enjoy the views from there or our decks. Contact us today and book a room for this year’s COTA Festival at the Delaware Water Gap.

Photo by Garth Woods