Up For a Little Adventure? Go Delaware River Rafting!

 Delaware River raftingEvery once in a while we all love a little adventure. For some of us, it’s just simply going away to a new town that is enough for us. The adventure comes in the drive there and back, what you see and the stops you make along the way. However, for others, we need something truly thrilling to help us detach from our world and experience something amazing. When you go on a trip, like one to see us at Ledges Hotel in the Pocono Mountains, there are all sorts of adventures you can get into while you are here.

One great idea is to go on a Delaware River rafting trip. When you are hit with a warm day, nothing beats being able to cool off for a few hours on a Delaware River rafting trip. While there are many wonderful Delaware River rafting companies out there, let us help you narrow down your search with our top two picks for a great Delaware River rafting trip.

The first in our list of fantastic Delaware River rafting companies is Indian Head Canoes & Rafts. Indian Head makes a Delaware River rafting trip a dream for any size group, even families. Their rafts carry up to 6 people and kids are free. When they say kids, they truly mean kids because the lowest weight they will allow is 30 lbs. which covers most young kids. Their prices are based on day and how many are in your Delaware River rafting group so be sure to peruse their pricing structure. They also have two different locations that you can meet at and experience two different trips. The first meets in Barryville, NY which has three different trips to choose from, 3 Mile Access to Barryville, Barryville to Pond Eddy, and Ten Mile To Barryville. All of these trips are varying in length and therefore time as well. The other base camp is in Matamoras, PA and those trips are Pond Eddy to Matamoras or Knights Eddy to Matamoras. If you want to experience both sides of a Delaware River rafting trip, you will get 50% off on a 2nd day trip.

Next in our list of Delaware River rafting companies is Delaware River Tubing. They offer many trips on the Delaware River whether you are in Pennsylvania, New York, or New Jersey. The section of river that they stick to on their Delaware River rafting trips is usually really calm and is perfect for families who enjoy a relaxing ride. Their Delaware River rafting trips last about 3 to 4 hours and are about 5 to 6 miles long. Come to a particularly calm part during your Delaware River rafting trip? Hop out and swim! During every Delaware River rafting trip, you will get to stop and have lunch, price included, at “The Famous River Hot Dog Man.” Their BBQ meal will give you enough energy to finish off your Delaware River rafting trip.

As you can see, there are plenty of adventures to choose from when you go on a Delaware River rafting trip with either of these companies. Having fun things to do like this makes the Pocono Mountains a wonderful place to take a trip, especially in the warmer months. When you do decide to come to the Pocono Mountains, consider coming to stay with us at Ledges Hotel. Enjoy wonderful views of our gorge from your room or on our decks. Also, be sure to carve out some time for a drink and a fantastic meal at our restaurant, Glass. Locals and visitors love coming out to our decks to have some fun with our live music on the weekends. Contact our wonderful staff today and let’s plan a fun trip to see us.

Photo by: Balaji Photopgrahy