What’s Happening at the Hawley Silk Mill

When it comes to visiting a new town, it is always fun to see something historic. This can come in many ways, from a museum to wildlife, or old buildings. Here in Hawley, we are fortunate to be able to experience a historic building everyday in our own Hawley Silk Mill. This beautiful building has been transformed into a fun place for the community to gather for many different reasons. We at Ledges Hotel not only visit the Hawley Silk Mill often but we love knowing what is going on there at any time. Here is a little history about the Hawley Silk Mill as well as what you can find when you visit.

The Hawley Silk Mill was once known as the Bellemonte Silk Mill and was built in 1881 and is made out of bluestone, or sandstone, and is a narrow building with different heights and sizes which makes it a very architecturally interesting building. It has had many uses over the years but in 2011 it was renovated to become the Hawley Silk Mill we know and love today. There are a few shops located in the Hawley Silk Mill as well as fun events, here are some of our favorite places inside the Hawley Silk Mill.

The first place that is fun for locals and visitors is Harmony Presents. They have so many events going on in this amazing space. First and foremost, they enjoy being a home for new up and coming musicians and comedians. They love different types of music as well as comedy and showcase them all regularly. When there aren’t fantastic shows being held, Harmony Presents also has a regular comedy nights with varying performers. They also play host to Cocoon Coffee House’s Open Mic Night, a time when the community gets together and cheers each other on while belting out their favorite tunes.

Each morning, as well as most of the day, you will find a steady stream of customers coming in and out of Cocoon Coffee House. It’s easy to see why so many prefer this local coffee spot over many of the big chains. They have fresh roasted coffee, an assortment of coffee drinks as well as tea, and some of the best pastries and food around. Many locals love their food and service so much they even have them cater their events.

Health is very important to the residents of Hawley and that’s another reason why they love frequenting the Hawley Silk Mill, for Lake Region Fitness. This fitness center is one of a kind. Like many other fitness centers, they have amazing classes of all types for everyone to have fun while they work out their body. One thing that sets them apart from other fitness centers is their Life Fitness Journey which is a way for anyone of any fitness level and age be able to use their equipment in a logical and easy way to achieve their goals.

In conjunction with outer body health, we in Hawley believe in keeping our inner body healthy too by only eating the best foods for us. Located in Hawley Silk Mill is a convenient way to do that in our Mill Market. This is one stop shop for farm fresh food. The Mill Market has great relationships with local farmers who bring their goods to the Mill Market to be sold. Set up like a regular grocery store, this helps customers easily buy the food they need.

Located near Hawley Silk Mill is Ledges Hotel, a place where locals love to come and relax on our decks overlooking the gorge and visitors love our simple and modern decor and luxurious linens. When we have visitors at Ledges Hotel, we love suggesting fun things to do in the area and we always recommend the Hawley Silk Mill for many reasons. Come stay with us and see why the Hawley Silk Mill is a bit of history and a bit of today.

Photo by: Jumping Rocks Photography