Expert Advice for Enjoying the Best Wine Selection in Pennsylvania

The restaurant at our nearby sister property, Settlers Inn, is known for offering the best global wine selection in our region. Their international list means that you can taste your way around the most important wine regions in the world without leaving Pennsylvania. (For a focus on wines made stateside, visit Glass, the bar right here at Ledges Hotel.) Below, Settlers’ sommelier Claude Briere shares important advice on how to best enjoy Settlers’ array of offerings on your next trip to PA.

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Sommelier Claude Briere Shares Advice About Award Winning Wine Selection

1. What is the most popular bottle among your customers? Why do diners love it so much?

Because our list is so extensive, it can be hard to say which bottle is most popular. One wine that customers love is the J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles. California is famous for its cabernet sauvignon, and wine drinkers love the profile of this one. Unlike more robust versions, this one is good to drink without food. It has a medium body and a very smooth taste.

2. What would you recommend for the novice wine drinker?

There is a typical cycle for wine drinkers. Most people start off on sweet white wine. Then they move to dry whites, then more full-bodied reds. The cycle tends to end with sweet as well, in the form of ports or dessert wines.

With that in mind, I would probably steer someone new toward sweet wines, like riesling. The high sugar means this will be a good introductory wine for most people. As they get used to the taste, they will likely transition through the rest of the cycle.

3. What do you suggest for those with more refined palates who want to try something different?

Look for grapes that you’re not as familiar with. For instance, red drinkers may want to step away from merlot to try a grenache (or Garnacha). This grape is famous for its use in red blends from Rome and Australia. It has a beautiful taste, and we have some excellent bottles on our list. We offer the Alto Moncayo Garnacha from Spain and the Clarendon Hills Romas Grenache from Australia. The Rhone Valley of France is famous for its Grenache, and we have many bottles from that region in our wine selection.

4. Of the local wines you offer, which excites you the most?

I think the Grϋner Veltliner from Galen Glen is great. Galen Glen is a local winery, located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, although the grϋner grape is normally associated with Germany and Austria. I love it, and I’ve read that it’s the best grϋner in all of the United States. It has a citrus aroma and hint of white pepper.

Settlers Inn also offers other choices from Galen Glen. We recently held a wine dinner with them that really impressed our customers. They’re doing a very good job at their winery in the Lehigh Valley. (To attend the next wine dinner at Settlers Inn, follow their schedule of events.)

5. What can you tell us about Settlers winning the Wine Spectator’s Award?

Settlers Inn has been winning the Wine Spectator’s Award every year since 2002. What I’m most proud of is that we offer really good value wines for the price. Only about 10% of our wines are rated as “expensive” by Wine Spectator. Half of our wine selection is under $60. We offer a very extensive list that is still considered inexpensive, making it easy for everyone to enjoy great wine when they dine with us.

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