Sustaining the natural beauty of Ledges Hotel and its environment

Ledges Hotel is a distinctive adaptive reuse of The O’Connor Glass Factory, built of hand-cut bluestone in 1890. In order to maintain the aesthetic integrity of this historic building, internationally acclaimed architects from Bohlin Cywinski Jackson of Wilkes-Barre, PA were commissioned to combine their founding principles of designing to the “character of institutions” and the “sensibilities of individuals” for Ledges Hotel. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson architects are leaders in adaptive reuse and sustainable design, which is a priority for Ledges Hotel partners, the Genzlinger and Shuman families. In partnership with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Dakan Enterprises executed reuse best practices for the construction of Ledges Hotel. Ledges Hotel aspires to stand-out as one of Hawley’s green businesses in practice and design.

Green Art and Design of Ledges Hotel

In lock-step with the adaptive reuse of Ledges Hotel facility, handcrafted design and artisan touches are woven into every detail. Each guestroom features one of a kind furnishings crafted by Boyce Products of Damascus, PA that mirror Ledges Hotel’s mission of bringing the outside in with beautifully styled rustic modern beds and tables built from the wood of the original Bellemonte Silk Mill trusses. As a complement to Ledges Hotel furnishings, local artisans’ works adorn the walls and interior spaces, highlighting the regions diverse talent.

In addition to the green design of Ledges Hotel, guest amenity products are made from all natural and organic ingredients ensuring that every element of each guest’s stay respects and promotes sustainability.