In the 1890s, J.S. O’Connor American Rich Cut Glass Factory churned out thousands of exquisite pieces. In its heyday, it was one of the largest glass cutting factories in America. J.S. O’Connor was an Irish immigrant and Civil War veteran. After 23 years working as the head of the Dorflinger Glass Factory in nearby White Mills, O’Connor built his own factory on Wallenpaupack Creek with water from the creek powering the plant. For years the O’Connor Glass Factory was one of the largest employers in Wayne County.


In 2011, Settlers Hospitality acquired the property and transformed the five-story Federal-style building into boutique hotel and restaurant. Settled between the flourishing natural beauty of rock ledges and Paupack High Falls, in Hawley, PA, Ledges Hotel affords modern conveniences amid rustic charm.


The timeless beauty of Ledges Hotel’s natural surroundings paired with the history woven into each room and space delights guests. Vintage photographs adorn the walls, along with original sketches of O’Connor Glass as well as historic pieces of glass on display. Guests who dine at the hotel’s restaurant, can learn about the origin of the name with nods to the building’s past incorporated into the decor. At Ledges Hotel you are given a sense of space, a knowledge that you are a part of the life of this beautiful building and historic spot. We are the stewards for this gorgeous Native Bluestone building, and honor its history through our design, service and hospitality.