5 Delicious Brands of Beer Made in Pennsylvania

beer-made-in-PennsylvaniaAs many of you know, craft breweries have been popping up all over the country. For those of us who love beer, this is a great new development. Here in Pennsylvania there are all sorts of breweries across the state all just waiting for you to try them. We at Ledges Hotel enjoy helping our guests find fun activities here in the Pocono Mountains and enjoying beer made in Pennsylvania is just one of the ways to explore our area. Before you head out we recommend having a look at Brew Trail where you can customize your own brewery tour itinerary. Come check out these 5 great breweries all of whom have beer made in Pennsylvania.

  1. Yuengling: On the East Coast, we all know Yuengling. It has a mild and flavorful taste that just about anyone can enjoy. What you may not know is that they have a total of 7 different beers in their line-up and they are America’s oldest brewery. They started in 1829 and it began with a German immigrant by the name of David G. Yuengling who, just like everyone else, saw an opportunity and went from there. Tours at their original Pottsville brewery are free and not only will you get a chance to learn about the beer making process but also the history behind this brewery.
  2. The Lion Brewery: Next up on our tour of beer made in Pennsylvania is a brewery that has been open since 1905, The Lion Brewery. Located in Wilkes-Barre, a visit would be a great day trip from us in Hawley. They have 2 beers for you to choose from, their Lionshead Pilsner and their Lionshead Light. You can find their beers in many stores across the state as well as other nearby states.
  3. 3 Guys and a Beer’d: These 4 guys like to have fun and make some amazing beer. Their beer made in Pennsylvania has been on the receiving end of a few awards since they started less than 10 years ago. When you go to their Carbondale taproom you will not only get to try beer but also get a bite to eat as well. As you can see by the names of their beers, the only thing they take seriously is making a great drink. They have year round brews, seasonal brews and their experimental line, the Clean-Shaven line. Be sure to check them out!
  4. Irving Cliff Brewery: Heading back in time to 1851, you will see where this beer made in Pennsylvania got its start. They are located in Honesdale and love to use the abundant natural ingredients of the area to make their fantastic beer. It starts with fresh mountain water and then goes to the carefully selected hops and grains to ensure you have an amazing beer each and every time. They also have seasonal and year-round beers for you to choose from and an inviting tap room to drink them in.
  5. Barley Creek Brewing Company: Last on our tour of beer made in Pennsylvania is Barley Creek in Tannersville. What sets them apart from others is not only their great beer but also having a fun place to drink it. When the weather is nice, be sure to check out their Pint Park where you can eat, drink, and play games. The beers they do offer are typically lagers, ales, and IPA as well as a few other types thrown in. They also offer beers from other local breweries too. Be sure to sign up for a tour of this fun brewery!

As you can see there are so many great places to discover beer made in Pennsylvania. When you do come, consider staying with us at Ledges Hotel. Our fantastic hotel is full of history as it is housed in an old glass factory and you can still see remnants of its past today. Each of our rooms is filled with simple and modern furnishings to help you relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery. When you do book, be sure to check out our special and packages to make your trip to see us unforgettable. Contact us today and start planning your next trip to the Pocono Mountains.