Looking for What to Do in Hawley, PA this Spring?

what to do in Hawley, PAWhile the cold weather may be in full swing here, we are looking forward to the coming warmer months. The Pocono Mountains may be known for fun winter activities but let’s start planning what to do in Hawley, PA this spring. We at Ledges Hotel love having guests in all seasons of the year but usually the first concern is what to do in Hawley, PA. We have amazing activities that go year round but some are more fun in the spring and summer. Come check out all the fun you can have when you decide what to do in Hawley, PA for your next trip.

What to Do in Hawley, PA This Spring

A lot of us in the Pocono Mountains love to spend our time outdoors. After a cold winter, when the weather starts warming up, we love to be outside in any capacity. One way to do this is to hit the lake. Nearby Lake Wallenpaupack is a treasure trove of things to do. A relaxing and scenic way to enjoy the lake is to take a boat cruise. One great company that has many options in tours is Wallenpaupack Scenic Boat Tour. They have group and private tours available and they will start their season back up in the spring. In May, they offer boat rentals as well so you can cruise for as long as you would like.

One other reason we love spring here in Hawley, PA is for the food. New and different crops are starting to be ready to be harvested and we love helping. A wonderful place to do this is at Paupack Blueberry Farm. This beautiful farm is sandwiched between Lake Wallenpaupack and Fairview Lake. They also have jellies and jams as well as other delicious foods available as well. This is a great way to take the family out and help the kids understand where food comes from.

If you are looking for a more adult trip, also involving fruit, then have a tasting and a tour at Antler Ridge Winery. They have many award winning wines that come in different varietals. There will definitely be something there for any wine lover. They also have kits for you to be able to make your own wine at home as well as classes so you will know how to start on the right foot. While enjoying a glass of wine, be sure to check out their gorgeous views of the vineyards. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff can answer any questions you have.

Now that you have covered what to do in Hawley, PA while being outside, let’s have an option for what to do in Hawley, PA while being indoors. In the spring, the best place to be is at Harmony Presents. There is always something fun going on there. They have Open Mic Nights, Comedy Nights and they have some of the best new performers from around the country. Their mission is to be a haven for new and up and coming artists. They have already posted their schedule for winter and the spring. They are conveniently located in the Hawley Silk Mill near our own Ledges Hotel.

We have covered what to do in Hawley, PA when you come for your next trip, all that is left is deciding where to stay. Why not consider staying with us at Ledges Hotel. Our views of the gorge are beautiful in every season, but can be spectacular in the spring. Our decks on the main floors, as well as in our restaurant Glass, are opened up to let the natural cool breeze keep everyone comfortable. We have many room sizes to fit into everyone’s group size and budget. One thing they all have in common is an amazing view. Contact our wonderful staff today and book a trip to come see us.

Photo by: Jumping Rocks Photography